Musikene - San Sebastiàn 2023

A small delegation of the ensemble spent a few days at the end of April in Donostia-San Sebastián in the Basque Country to work together with young composers from the Music University Musikene to harvest and present the results of several months of joint work.

Already in November of the previous year there was a first preparatory Zoom meeting of our musicians and the Musikene master students. At the beginning of the year, individual working sessions with the young composers and instrument presentations (heckelphone and kontraforte) followed in Vienna and finally, in April , intensive rehearsals of all pieces in San Sebastian. Parallel to the rehearsals, our Ensemble members also held master classes for the respective instruments there.

The collaboration came to a worthy conclusion in the form of a public concert, where the students' five pieces were premiered under the musical direction of Arturo Tamayo.


Pongtorn Techaboonakho, Viaje (UA)

Hugo Gómez-Chao, sul Gianicolo (UA)

Pedro González, ...La existencia es nuestro exilio... (UA)

Youshin Gim, L'avènement (UA)

Leonel Aldino, Tres escenas de ensayo (UA)

Klangforum Wien

Markus Deuter, oboe

Lorelei Dowling, bassoon

Joonas Ahonen, piano

Björn Wilker, percussion

Sophie Schafleitner, violin

Benedikt Leitner, violoncello