Dorian Concept - Hyperopia

Trailer - Virtuoso keyboardist Dorian Concept is an artist whose work blurs the boundaries of jazz, electronic and club music, overcoming his own limitations by allowing himself to be "enveloped" by Klangforum Wien . The world premiere of his work was played at the Transart Festival 2020.    

"Hyperopia" is a piece that seeks the new in the familiar. One's own listening habit plays just as important a role here as the ambiguity about what is heard. This ambiguity is meant to invite more conscious listening - with the intention of picking up the audience to leave them halfway. Or as Joni Mitchell put it, "If you're listening to my music - and thinking about me - then I'm not doing my job - if you're listening to my music and thinking about your experiences - then we're getting somewhere."


Max Gehmacher (camera/video recording)
Andreas Harrer (recording/audio engineer)
Gerhard Senz (video editing and post-production)
Oliver Johnson (music production and mixing)

Jakob Gsöllpointner