Dorian Concept - musikprotokoll dynamic streaming

In 2020, ORF Audio Recording is testing a new facet of dynamic concert streaming. ORF's surround recordings will be encoded as binaural audio files and put online. During playback, the head movements of the listeners are tracked in real time. By moving one's own head, the spatial representation of what is heard changes and an amazingly realistic sound experience is created. With a computer, webcam and headphones, anyone can try out this new way of listening from home for a month.

"Hyperopia" is a piece that seeks the new in the familiar. One's own listening habit plays just as important a role here as the ambiguity about what is heard. This ambiguity is meant to invite more conscious listening - with the intention of picking up the audience to leave them halfway.

Or as Joni Mitchell put it, "If you're listening to my music - and thinking about me - then I'm not doing my job - if you're listening to my music and thinking about your experiences - then we're getting somewhere."

- Dorian Concept about the project

Recording director:
Franz Josef Kerstinger

Sound engineer:
Hannes Egger

Video Team

Martin Gross, Thomas Diemath, Elmar Ranegger, Thomas Strommer

Producer, Editing:
Fränk Zimmer

IEM / Dynamic Webstreaming

IEM - Coordination:
Robert Höldrich

IEM - Technical Development:
Matthias Frank, Lukas Gölles and Franz Zotter.

A project of ORF musikprotokoll.
In cooperation with the IEM - Institute for Electronic Music and Acoustics of the University of Arts Graz.

© ORF music protocol, 2020

Trailer - Hyperopia
Dorian Concept - 2020

Copyright Trailer:
Max Gehmacher (camera/video recording)
Andreas Harrer (recording/audio engineer)
Gerhard Senz (video editing and post-production)
Oliver Johnson (music production and mixing)
Photo: Jakob Gsöllpointner

"I don't see any styles that can't be combined ..." - DORIAN CONCEPT and CHRISTOPH WALDER in a mica interview
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