Bernhard Lang in conversation with Doron Rabinovici and Natan Sznaider

On 11 April 2023 A SONG FOR RACHELA by Bernhard Lang was premiered by Klangforum Wien as part of the cycle concert "Fluchtpunkt" at Wiener Konzerthaus . The piece was commissioned by the Polish Adam Mickiewicz Institute in connection with the commemoration of the Jewish uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto 80 years ago. It is dedicated to its inhabitants -- their courage, bravery and determination in the face of annihilation. In this large ensemble work, Lang incorporates texts from the Ringelblum Archive, which documents the situation in the Warsaw Ghetto between 1940-1943. In the FERMATE series of conversations, the composer met with writer Doron Rabinovici and Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo sociology professor emeritus Natan Sznaider (at the time a senior fellow at IFK). (Conversation in German)

11 April 2023 -- Mozart Hall, Wiener Konzerthaus

FERMATE is a series of conversations as part of the concert cycle 22/23 of Klangforum Wien at the Wiener Konzerthaus. The series provides a platform for the experiential understanding of new music.

A Song for Rachela by Bernhard Lang was commissioned by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute in cooperation with Klangforum Wien.