United in SOLO

Special edition Klangforum Wien 2020 - with essay booklet: United in SOLO

"As has been the case with Klangforum Wien for 35 years, we have fearlessly faced the new and, in doing so, have stumbled upon our own roots as SOLISTEN-Ensemble: one instrument, one work, one interpreter," says Peter Paul Kainrath, artistic director of Klangforum Wien.

The latest recording project of the Klangforum Wien: A special edition five-CD box set exploring the work of the most advanced and established new music positions.

The SOLO project symbolizes the concept of loneliness and forces the audience to question their own relation to being alone, a condition we all experience in these strange and tragic times. What does it mean to long for something? What is it like to desire to be together again?

The result are monographic portraits of five composers who, like few others, have shaped the NEW in music over the past decades up to the present day and are connected to Klangforum Wien .

Inspiration and a generous donation from a patron have enabled us to release a five-part CD box with 36 SOLO works by 5 composers for 17 different instruments - including five new compositions, conceived and written in monadic lockdown.

Four outstanding intellectuals have contributed from their point of view a reflection on the term SOLO and have partly interlaced it with the music to be played by the respective composers.

special edition Klangforum Wien 2020 with essay booklet
Music by Olga Neuwirth, George Aperghis, Toshio Hosokawa, Salvatore Sciarrino and Rebecca Saunders
Essays by Clemens Sedmak, Thomas Macho, Susan R. Wolf and Isolde Charim

Experience the new from home

The exclusive collector's edition of the SOLO project consists of five CDs and a unique essay booklet. It combines 36 works by five outstanding composers with four essays in which contemporary philosophers explore the meaning of SOLO.

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