Gegenpole - Cycle concert with Vimbayi Kaziboni

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Magical sounds by Alex Paxton, sophisticated samples by Oxana Omelchuk and precise instrumentation by Martin Smolka could be experienced at the 5th cycle concert "Gegenpole" under the musical direction of Vimbayi Kaziboni at Wiener Konzerthaus on 20 February 2024.

In his composition Shrimp BIT Babyface (2022), Alex Paxton mixes the soundscapes of new music with 8-bit sounds, samples and improvisation to create an agile piece of music. With her work Staahaadler Affenstall (2012), Oxana Omelchuk questions the old and the new in art by combining the sounds of an old music automaton with sound material from a wide variety of sources in her samples, thus placing them in a contemporary musical context. The new aesthetics of these two composers are contrasted with the precise art of instrumentation of Martin Smolka. In his piece Andělské schody (Angel Steps, 2021), Smolka combines a variety of compositional ideas and takes the listener on a microtonal journey, which has now been premiered in Austria following its world premiere by Klangforum Wien at the Prague Spring Festival 2022.

In the presence of composers Alex Paxton and Martin Smolka, the cycle concert was Vimbayi Kaziboni's first appearance with the ensemble since his appointment as Conductor in Residence of Klangforum Wien. The energetic programme was followed by thunderous applause.

Photos: © Cornelia Neuwirt/Klangforum Wien

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