MARS I by Jennifer Walshe - Trailer

MARS I for two singers, Ensemble, live electronics, video and robots by Jennifer Walshe: After the world premiere in Amsterdam two days earlier, Klangforum Wien performed the Austrian premiere at the Wiener Konzerthaus on 21 May 2022 under the direction of Delyana Lazarova.

The multi-media space expedition is the result of extensive research by the composer, and is also the first in a series of pieces dedicated to the red planet. "The future is not what it used to be," writes Mark O'Connell, author of the libretto for MARS I. It’s the story of two female astronauts who set off for Mars and explore this “Planet B" beyond transhumanist utopias.

21.05.2022 - Mozart Hall, Wiener Konzerthaus

Jennifer Walshe, music and concept
Mark O'Connell, text

Klangforum Wien
Loré Lixenberg, voice
Elaine Mitchener, voice
Delyana Lazarova, conductor

Commissioned by Muziekgebouw Amsterdam, Klangforum Wien and the Irish National Opera