Singen, Sehnen

Wiener Konzerthaus, Great Hall, Vienna
November 19, 2024 8:00 PM

“And I turned around.” As the consequence of a single fatal movement, Orpheus loses everything and is thrown back on what had seemingly already been overcome: The sense of forlornness between Him and Her, their mutual unavailability, and the desperate desire which will never be fulfilled. With Begehren, Beat Furrer has created one of the most significant works of contemporary music theatre, which Klangforum Wien presents in a concert version at the core of the ensemble’s “FURRER 70” project. The performance is part of festival Wien Modern 2024.


Beat Furrer Begehren


Klangforum Wien

Cantando Admont

Sarah Aristidou soprano

Christoph Brunnerspeaker

Cordula Bürgichorus master

Peter Böhm, Markus Wallner sound direction


Beat Furrer


A Production by Klangforum Wien and Wien Modern

Performed with the kind support of

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