ImPulsTanz: Dances for Lucia Długoszewski

Odeon, Vienna
August 3, 2024 9:00 PM

World premiere

At this year's ImPulsTanz Festival Vienna, choreographers Weronika Pelczyńska from Warsaw and Vienna-based Elizabeth Ward reimagine the possibilities of Polish-American composer Lucia Długoszewski’s soundscapes in contemporary dance. The world premiere will be presented at the Odeon, Vienna, together with their dancers and musicians of Klangforum Wien. The ensemble’s award-winning recordings, released as a double album titled Lucia Długoszewski - Abyss and Caress (col legno), have sparked this exciting collaboration.

Lucia Długoszewski studied with John Cage and Edgar Varèse before forging her own path. Her music is closely intertwined with dance. She collaborated with Erick Hawkins – the first male dancer for Martha Graham – and his dance company for over 40 years. The keen-to-experiment artist, a child of Polish immigrants, was also an inventor of various instruments. Długoszewski’s distinctive compositions are based on her sensitivity for choreography, body and stage performance.

Co-organizer of the event: Adam Mickiewicz Institute 
Co-production: ImPulsTanz and Klangforum Wien

→ More about Lucia Długoszewski: Abyss and Caress


Klangforum Wien

Weronika Pelczyńska Choreography

Elizabeth Ward Choreography


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