FLUCHT.PUNKT – Wittener Tage für neue Kammermusik 2023

Blote Vogel School, Assembly Hall, Witten
April 22, 2023 4:00 PM

An axiom is a point behind which one cannot go back. From there, the trio Dell-Lillinger-Westergaard takes flight only forward - in an eagerly awaited encounter with a quartet of the Klangforum Wien. Bastien David, in his string quartet composition "B i r d", sees in the encounter with wild nature a Fluchtpunkt for the liberation of human dispositions. How can two existences, alien to each other, meet without interfering with each other? Márton Illés understands the string space of Quatuor Diotima as a possibility space for the unfolding of energetic perspectives.


Márton Illés "Húr-Tér III (Saiten-Raum)"(2023) for string quartet (commissioned by WDR, world premiere)

Bastien David "B i r d" (2023) for string quartet (composition commissioned by the city of Witten, world premiere)

Dell-Lillinger-Westergaard "Axiom I" (2023) for vibraphone, percussion, double bass, trombone, saxophone, violin and piano (composition commissioned by the city of Witten, world premiere)

Quatuor Diotima 

Yun-Peng Zhao Violin

Léo Marillier violin

Franck Chevalier Viola

Pierre Morlet violoncello


Christopher Dell Vibraphone

Christian Lillinger Percussion

Jonas Westergaard double bass

Klangforum Wien

Mikael Rudolfsson trombone

Gerald Preinfalk saxophone

Anna D'errico piano

Gunde Jäch-Micko violin


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