Wiener Konzerthaus, Mozart Hall, Vienna
April 10, 2025 7:00 PM

Absolute music. Boulez with a homage to Stravinsky, Manoury with a homage to Boulez and Lim with her work dedicated to a Persian Sufi master – these reverences are just the cause, but not the point of origin, the foundation, on which these three works are resting. This is all about music. Nothing outside music diverts the attention. Fixed structures contain glowing instrumental sounds – an inquiry into musical language and what it is capable of; the soul of sound without programme.


Philippe Manoury B-Partita (in memoriam Pierre Boulez)

Pierre Boulez...explosante-fixe...


Liza Lim The Tailor of Time (NP)


Klangforum Wien

Institute for Electronic Music and Acoustics Graz - IEM live electronics

Vera Fischer flute

Wendy Vo Cong Tri flute

Julie Brunet-Jailly flute

Sophie Schafleitner violin

Markus Deuter oboe

Miriam Overlach harp

Markus Wallner sound


Sylvain Cambreling


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