Erste Bank Kompositionspreis bei Wien Modern

Wiener Konzerthaus, Mozart Hall, Vienna
November 17, 2022 7:00 PM

After two years in online and postponement mode, this important award for outstanding young composers will finally be celebrated live and together again in time for the 20th anniversary of the collaboration between Erste Bank Composition Prize and Wien Modern, as it should be: with the Klangforum Wien in the Mozart Hall and three prizewinners in a remarkable program - Sara Glojnaric (2022), Christof Ressi (2021) and Matthias Kranebitter (2020). After the concert, there will be plenty of opportunity to chat at the reception in the Schubert Hall. The event is supported by the MehrWERT sponsorship program of Erste Bank.


Matthias Kranebitter Encyclopedia of pitch and deviation (Erste Bank Composition Prize 2020)

Christof Ressi Short Stories (UA, Erste Bank Composition Prize 2021)

Sara Glojnaric Pure Bliss (UA, Erste Bank Composition Prize 2022)


Björn Gottstein laudatory speech

Peter Böhm sound director


Tim Anderson


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