Das Lied von der Erde

Opéra de Dijon, l'Auditorium, Dijo
October 20, 2022 8:00 PM

Welcome to the Anthropo(s)cene! Philippe Quesne presents us with his vision in one of the scenic panoramas for which he is known and which have established his international reputation. Mahler's great symphonic cycle, performed here by Klangforum Wien under the baton of Emilio Pomàrico, who is well known in Dijon, inspired him to create a moving meditation on the future of our planet... If it is true that the earth sings, who listens to it? Gustav Mahler wanted to hear it better and in 1908 he withdrew into isolation, without company except an anthology of classical Chinese poems. The inner and intimate landscapes respond and are reflected in a beautiful score that inspires the reverie of Philippe Quesne: the founder of Vivarium Studio has always been interested in the interaction between body and environment and invents unique spaces, true ecosystems for performers*, for the dialog between body and environment, which he now presents all over the world. His new creation is characterized through and through by Mahler's sublimity, in a chamber version by Reinbert de Leeuw, interpreted by one of the greatest orchestras of the contemporary repertoire.

Commissioned and produced by Wiener Festwochen
In collaboration with Vivarium Studio Coproduction deSingel (Antwerp)
Revival Opéra de Dijon in collaboration with the Festival d'Automne in Paris.
With the support of Nanterre-Amandiers, Centre dramatique national


Gustav Mahler/Reinbert de Leeuw The Song of the Earth


Christina Daletska Alto

Maximilian Schmitt Tenor


Emilio Pomàrico


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